Giannis Antetokounmpo’s love story

Antetokounmpo is already a MVP superstar in NBA, but off the pitch Antetokounmpo is not known by many fans, especially his private life.There is a story about Antetokounmpo . His life is very simple. When he first entered the league, Antetokounmpo went to the bank to remit money to his family. When he finished remitting money, he found that he didn’t have enough money to take a taxi. Antetokounmpo decided to run to the gym. Fortunately, they met a kind couple who drove Antetokounmpo to the stadium.He was wearing the team’s Jersey and trousers all over his body. He had been wearing them for several seasons. Normally, he had no expensive private clothes. Unlike other players, he was full of luxuries, dressed in fancy clothes, and was extraordinarily exaggerated. He would not do that. I heard that his money had been saved, either left at home or sent to his parents.

Few people know about
Antetokounmpo’s experience of a failed relationship.When the
Antetokounmpo came to Milwaukee in his first year, his English was not very good, there were few friends nearby, Milwaukee was more rural, he was more bored and lonely, and he hoped that his parents would come to see him from Greece,but it’s almost impossible.At that time, he should have known European female models through online love bars.
Antetokounmpo took the relationship seriously and was willing to spend money for his girlfriend, but the relationship ended with failure.

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