Raptors beat Bucks with two overtime

On May 20, the third game of the Eastern Final started. The Raptors sat down at home against the Bucks, and eventually withstood their opponents’backlash. They beat the Bucks 118-112 in overtime, turning the total score to 1-2. The fourth contest between the two sides will start at 5.22 am Beijing time.


In this game, the two sides were in a tussle. Leonard was suspected to have injured his left knee in the game. He limped at the end of the game, but even with a broken leg, Cabrera still showed a superstar demeanor. In the second overtime game, Leonard scored successively at the critical moment to help the Raptors maintain their lead and win a key victory.


In the second overtime game, Giannis had his sixth personal foul in 36 seconds, and then the two sides confronted each other. Leonard showed his heroic qualities again at the critical moment. Not only did he finish the slam dunk after stealing, but he also shot in the restricted area and helped Raptors build a 4-point lead. Middleton made a comeback mistake afterwards, and eventually the Raptors retained their advantage, winning the Bucks 118-112 by a narrow margin, turning the total score into 1-2.

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