What happened in the last 48 hours of Durant’s difficult comeback?

The Warriors were 1-3 behind in the Finals and The Warriors are on the verge of being eliminated. Kevin Durant decided to come back from the key battle. It’s not easy to announce this decision, Durant has gone through a lot in the past 48 hours and his comeback has not been smooth.


Durant would have returned in the middle of the Finals, most likely in Game 4. However, before G4, Durant did not take part in training because his injury recovery was not up to standard. He did not return and did not appear on the court sidelines.


“Regarding Durant, he’s still hopeful for his return in this series,” said Draymond Green after G4. “This has not changed. Obviously, we hope he can return, but whether he can return or not remains to be seen. We don’t have the final decision, even Durant himself, and his body will tell him the truth. Can you come back? It would be great if he could come back. But if he can’t come back, you still have to find a way to win the next game.


The Warriors expressed their understanding of Durant when they talked about Durant, but according to some news, some players inside the Warriors were confused and frustrated that Durant did not comeback in Game 4.


Warriors Coach Kerr said in an interview: “Today Durant will train with us, he will do some extra training with some of our young players, and then we will evaluate it. Today he will do some training that he hasn’t done before. Today he will do more. Then we can know more details.


However, after the open training of the warriors, Durant never showed up. After the interview, the media reporters were asked to leave the scene. Durant entered the training course only after the photographers and various media left the court. Some media are waiting in the aisle of the training hall, while a car that used to shoot training is still in the aisle, and some of Durant’s training movements are photographed. He dares not run and dribble fast, but this is not the whole training process.


Two hours before the game, Durant appeared in the stadium. He was wearing a black hoodie. His walking showed that his injury had not affected much. In a pre-match interview, Kerr confirmed the news: “Durant will start the game.” Kerr added: “I don’t want to put too much pressure on Durant, but his presence is a huge boost for us.