Thompson: Feel sorry for Durant,and it make us more Aggressive about game

The Warriors won hard in Game 5 of today’s Finals, turning the total score to 2-3. Clay Thompson, one of the Warriors’most successful players today, attended the post-match press conference. Thompson said everyone was saddened by Durant’s aggravation and that even victory could not be celebrated. Today, after Durant’s injury, we all mustered greater fighting spirit in adversity, and finally won the game.

Thompson first talked about Durant’s and Looney’s injuries: “Durant’s injuries are getting worse. It’s really painful. He’s a very strong player. We can’t celebrate the victory.” As for how the Warriors adjusted their mood after Durant’s injury, Thompson explained: “We want to play for Durant. He wants us to play at the highest level of competitiveness. Durant’s injury inspires us to work harder, and we think of him when we fight for ball rights and rebounds. I know he feels terrible, but he will come back and become stronger.

The Warriors were tough today and they laughed to the end. For the team’s resilience today, Thompson said: “Durant came back to help us a lot, Cousins played very well, both ends of the offensive and defensive work well, Curry also hit a key three points, although he lost some balls, but he did not care, he is very confident. We didn’t panic even if we were six points behind with only three minutes left.

After Durant’s early injury, the Splash Brothers took over the game. As for how the Curry and tompson did this, Thompson said: “It’s been in our blood. We’ve been playing like that for many years, but when Durant comes, it’s easier to get the ball into our hands and he can easily get more than 30 points. Now we are playing our own ball.

The Warriors were six points behind at the last minute today, but they managed to reverse it. Regarding the mentality of the warriors at that time, Thompson said: “We have fallen behind many times before, we have such experience, the coach has given us a lot of tactics, they should not give us so many opportunities, because we will definitely put in. Our goal is to get them back to our home stadium by air. When we attack, we must try to create chances for Curry.

Durant once said that someone wanted to create a gap between him and other warriors. For the “bad intentions” of the outside world, Thompson said: “Those remarks are nonsense, Durant is the best player, we have a very good integration, we will not pay attention to these boring remarks, with him, we are a great team, without him, I am also a good team. He’s a brave man, and I’m very sorry for his fate.”

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