Twenty-four years of hard waiting ,Canadian immigrants relied on the NBA Finals to get glory

How many roads must a man walk before he can be called a real man?”

This is Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize winning work in 2016. It is also a lyric of One of the most important works in American folk history, The Answer Flows in the Wind. In 1995, Forrest Gump won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director Awards, which enabled the heroine to perform the song again and spread it all over the world.

This year, for the first time in NBA history, there were teams from Canada: Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies. They carry the hope of NBA globalization, and the only way to prove their success in “growing up from a boy to a man” is to win the NBA championship.

After the Grizzlies moved back to the United States from Vancouver, the Raptors became the only team of the NBA in the Maple Leaf Country, thus giving birth to a unique group in the NBA – Canadian fans.

It is well known that Canada is an immigrant country. In recent years, it has even surpassed the United States in immigration attributes. And these special groups have become the mainstream of Raptors fans.

As an anomaly of the NBA, Raptors have received little attention from local fans in the United States. There are always voices suggesting that the League move the team back to the United States instead of remaining in the Canadian city where ice hockey is the king. But in this year’s playoffs, the situation gradually changed, Raptors replaced the city’s hockey team Maple Leaf, Toronto and Canada become the focus of attention.

Off the court, Raptors fans are constantly correcting their mistakes. Durant had a bunch of flowers in his ward after the operation, which read “Canada apologizes to you”. Durant’s mother, Wanda, also said, “The Raptors stand up and stop the fans from cheering. Seeing this, I think everything can be forgiven.”

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