Why can Ibaka return to the Finals seven years later? He gave three reasons

When Durant was supported by his warrior teammates and staggered to the sidelines with his injured legs, Serge Ibaka, who came forward to comfort him, had a vague dream of returning to the 2012 Finals when they were still teammates.


When he fell down, I thought he had lost his shoes – he often dropped them from time to time. After the game, Ibaka also deliberately used jokes to dispel tension and depression. But he couldn’t help saying the words in his heart: “Durant is like my brother.”


Seven years ago, when Miami was stirred up by the flourishing Thunder Three Little, Ibaca was under 23 years old and was on a rookie contract; although he slightly reluctantly lost the Finals, he had visible top-notch insider potential in that big, scarce era.

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Seven years later, the youngest of his team-mates who fought against him on the top battlefield was 25 years old, and more of them were the “post-85s” like Lowry, Lesser Gasol and Green, who were similar to antiques in the league. Leonard, the star of this time, is about to turn 28, and is older than James, who gave Ibaca the taste of failure seven years ago.

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In the long years that followed, until this year’s finals, Ibaka was no closer to the championship than it was seven years ago. He’s still a very good offensive and defensive player, but he hasn’t won the best defensive player once, he hasn’t been in the best lineup, and he hasn’t even touched the edge of the All-Star. In fact, all his personal honors ended abruptly in 2014.

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Fighting, sacrifice, rivals, Brothers – although compared with seven years ago, a total of great achievements have not been achieved, and a return to unknown arrogance, and before and after the establishment of the two people, whether exposure, business value or personal glory, have opened a huge gap, but some of the bone as powerful as the gene, as early as seven years ago, when the final was defeated, vowed to be buried once again. The seeds.

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Basketball, of course, should be free from violence. For Ibaca, his temper and fists that he couldn’t control for a while were more like by-products of his tough style. In an interview with Tencent Sports during this year’s finals, Ibaca said, “I’ve always been tough in playing basketball. My body is a gift from God. Whenever I walk on the court, I want to make full use of my body and keep aggressive.

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