Interview with Top Player Zion: Idol Jordan is not planning to take part in the dunk contest for the time being

Zion Williamson from Duke University was selected by the New Orleans Sports Team as the top pick in this year’s draft. Zion Williamson also received an on-site interview with Tencent Sports.

Zion, with strong physical fitness and spectacular competition, has accumulated a lot of popularity before participating in the draft, even before entering Duke University. Because of its strong body and distinctive appearance, Zion has been given the nickname “fat tiger” by Chinese fans. Asked if he knew his nickname, Zion shyly thanked the Chinese fans who liked him, but frankly said that he was not sure that he had such an interesting nickname in China.

After being selected, Zion seemed very excited. When she was interviewed with her mother hand in hand, her face was full of tears. But when asked if there was any pressure, Zion showed great self-confidence. “I don’t feel any pressure at all. It’s my favorite sport. I’ve put a lot of effort into basketball. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for, so I don’t feel any pressure.” Zion said.

In the information age, Zion grew up watching a lot of basketball stars play. Many of the players in this year’s contest were Kobe Bryant and LeBron James fans, but when asked what players he liked to watch from childhood, Zion’s answer was a name that was somewhat distant to him, Michael Jordan.

Zion’s physical fitness is different from ordinary people, many fans have begun to look forward to his performance in the All-Star Dunk Contest, not to mention that Zion has participated in other dunk contests before, and performed very well. But Zion said he had no idea of participating in the NBA dunk contest. “Now I don’t want to compare, but if someone persuades me to succeed, maybe I will.” Zion said.

Speaking of his new season, Zion said: “I will tell my teammates that we should start working. Maybe it’s something as simple as that. Let’s start working.” As for career planning, Zion expressed the hope of becoming an All-Star as soon as possible. As for plans for the future, Zion said that many things can not be controlled by itself, just want to focus on the present.

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