Giant dismisses general manager pat Schumer Dave gettman

After another failed season, the New York Giants saw hope in their young core players. But they don’t see that in manager pat shurmur.

Schumer was sacked by the giants after only two seasons in charge. At the same time, Dave Gettleman, the equally popular general manager, will remain in office.

The giants will have their fifth manager in six seasons (including the interim manager).

The giants are 4-12 this season after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles on the field. Schumer led the team to just 9-23. The giants have won less than half of the three consecutive seasons. In the past seven years, they have won less than half of the six seasons.

After rookie Daniel Jones took over the starting quarterback position, the giants set the record at 2-2. But then they suffered the longest losing streak in the team’s history. The end of the season against the same poor performance of Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins won two consecutive wins does not cover up the team’s overall poor performance.

Now the giants are looking for a new manager for their young team.