Why it’s so hard to be a leader

In terms of statistics, Owen is actually playing the best season of his career. By the end of today’s game with the Bucks, he was able to contribute 26.5 points and 6.9 assists per game, with a hit rate of 45.9%. However, he missed a lot of games because of his injury, and the nets team’s record is not so good. It was thought that Owen would transform after leaving Celtic and grow into a real leader in a suitable team. But as far as the current season is concerned, Owen seems to be in a similar predicament as last season. The road of leadership is not so easy. Join the nets and fall into similar predicament again Leaving Boston for the nets was Owen’s choice last summer. Many of Owen’s supporters have hailed such a choice and believe that he can improve his career in his home team. But in the first half of the season alone, Owen seems to be in a similar predicament to last season. In his 15 games, the nets were 5-10. In those games he didn’t play, the nets were 13-13, with a 50% victory rate.


Last season in the green army, Owen in the green army and not in the same record and different, and the results of the comparison makes the All-Star defender very embarrassed. When Owen went out, the greens were 37-30, and when he was out of action, the greens were 12-3.

Without Owen, Celtic may be better, which has become the truth in many people’s hearts last year. But after Owen left this summer, the green shirt’s performance although ups and downs, but under Walker’s leadership, this team’s overall combat effectiveness and team atmosphere are much better than last season. Brown, Tatum, Hayward, smart and other personal data, compared with last season also rebounded.

Even though the green players have said more than once that last season’s problems with the team were complex and not Owen’s fault. Stevens also said: “Owen is a very good player, last season’s responsibility should be on my own.” However, the reality is in front of people, even if it is difficult to defend. Now in the nets, Owen is in the same predicament. It’s no wonder that there are so many questions!