17 points big reversal, Paul hit crazy!

In an NBA regular season that ended on the morning of January 21, the Rockets met thunder at home. Before that, the Rockets ranked sixth in the West with 26-15 losses, while thunder ranked seventh in the West with 24-19 losses. The two sides were three games away. The game twists and turns, thunder in the case of once 17 points behind the Rockets, the final 107-112, thunder away to complete the big set! Thunder ushered in two consecutive wins, rockets encounter four consecutive defeats!

In terms of data, the thunder side, Gallinari 25 points 13 rebounds, Alexander 13 points 10 rebounds, Paul 28 points 6 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals, Schroeder 23 points 5 rebounds 4 assists, DORT 8 points. On the Rockets side, Capella has 12 points and 7 rebounds, harden has 29 points and 9 rebounds and 6 assists, Wes has 32 points and 11 rebounds and 12 assists, and house has 13 points and 6 rebounds.


At the beginning of the game, Hadden and tucker played iron in a row, Capella just fouled, while thunder relied on Gallinari and Alexander to take the lead. Paul came out and led the team to play a wave of 7-0, and thunder soon led the Rockets by 10 points. At the end of the game, Hadden scored 5 points in a row to stop bleeding, while the Rockets took 10 points in a row after the substitute came on the court, the first thunder 22-25 rockets. Second quarter back, Paul blew up! Break through the emergency stop, back to the middle of the distance, under the basket hard play, there is another 3 + 1, one person takes 11 points in a row to turn the game, in the second half of Paul returned to the field, it is seven points in a row, and this time house and weishao help the Rockets to get the lead, half-time battle, the Rockets 64-57 thunder.