Queensland advertising Fair

Visual impact has been held for 14 years. It is sponsored by some local advertising industry suppliers in Australia. Three of the larger suppliers support the registration of the “Visual Industry Suppliers Association”

(visa), a non-profit organization, has increased its membership from six to more than 100 in 10 years. Visual impact image Expo is a two-year exhibition. In 2005, the exhibition was merged with the largest image exhibition in Australia. Through the merger with gamaa, Australian graphic business association and visual Suppliers Association, it has formed the largest exhibition portfolio in the industry, with printex, pacprint and visual impact as flags. The exhibition has always been committed to promoting the market development of digital printing, signage, screen printing, sculpture, ink-jet art, advertising lighting, display technology, advertising gifts, providing a trade exchange platform for exhibitors and visitors. The combination of the two exhibitions has brought more space for the development of the advertising image industry in Australia. Visual impact is touring in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, occupying an exclusive continent. Australia is located in the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is a developed country in the south region. Through a series of effective economic restructuring and reform, Australia has ensured the national economic, financial and social development, withstood the impact and test of the Asian financial crisis, maintained rapid growth for 16 consecutive years, and maintained a low inflation rate and unemployment rate. Australia has been rated as the world’s dynamic economy by the OECD. Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It plays an important role in Australia’s national economy. Its GDP accounts for about 30% of Australia’s total. Sydney has a population of nearly 4 million, about a quarter of the country’s population. They come from all over the world, 54% of them from Europe and 22% from Asia. Sydney is not only Australia’s economic and financial center, but also a world-famous tourist city.


Visual impact is an annual exhibition held by Peter Harper – visual connections Australia Ltd. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the Australian market Impact attracted 800 exhibitors in the last session, with 25000 merchants. The exhibition was held in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, covering an area of 36000 square meters.