Gates, Bangkok, Thailand


Gates is an industry ecosystem that creates opportunities for interaction and participation among various stakeholders through its combination of online and offline proprietary platforms to improve the efficiency of the purchase and sales process among manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

Gates in Bangkok, Thailand connects technology suppliers with leading channel partners in Asia and supports enterprises through powerful online tools and activities – gathering opportunities such as face-to-face meetings, expert opinions, implementation networks, information exchange, etc.

Scope of exhibits

It basic equipment: 3D technology, accessories, computer case, radiator and power supply, computer peripheral and accessories, sound card and video card, personal computer, notebook and netbook, consumer electronic products, digital signage, kiosk integrated machine, display technology, mobile phone and mobile phone accessories, personal mobile storage equipment

Business communication and network system: Fixed line and network solutions and devices, broadband solutions, enterprise mobility, integrated communication technologies and products, wireless technologies and products, IP communication technologies and products, enterprise solutions, data centers, communication business operators and service providers, communication and network services, network accessories, network computing software and services, mobile devices and communications

Banking and financial world: financial solutions, banking and financial service software, bank and financial related card technology, POS system, related equipment and systems, etc

Business IT applications: Server technology, business storage and solutions, virtualization storage technology, open source solutions, enterprise content management, software and system management, professional output office solutions, postal solutions, enterprise resource management, business intelligence technology and products, business process management, customer relationship management, human resource management, access control, vertical market solution Solutions, digital learning solutions

Navigation and Automation World: vehicle navigation, vehicle solutions, transportation, machine communication, intelligent transportation systems and services. Automatic identification and radio frequency identification system