Rocket Jazz single section each other 10 scores 3 points!


On February 10, Houston Rockets returned to play jazz at home in NBA regular season, which is also a battle of old enemies. The two teams met in the playoffs for many times. In Yao Ming era, the Rockets were played out by jazz in the playoffs for many times. But in the last two seasons, it’s the Rockets.

In the first quarter of today’s game, the Rockets quickly gained the upper hand. Both sides threw three-point shots in this quarter. The Rockets scored five out of nine three-point shots, and the Jazz scored five out of 12 three-point shots. Together, the two sides scored up to 10 three-point shots. At the beginning of the game, Mitchell scored the first three-point goal for the jazz, followed by harden’s two points, while Wes scored the Rockets’ first three-point goal. Later, Ingels scored the Jazz’s second three-point goal, while the Rockets scored three consecutive goals from mcclermo and Haden, pulling the score to 19-12 in the set, but then Mitchell scored his second three-point goal to 15-19 today, and then received Clarkson’s assist to score the third three-point goal, 18-19. Mcclermo scored another 3 points 22-18. I played very well when you came.