Why Shanghai international automobile testing and quality monitoring exhibition?

Shanghai International Auto Testing Expo is the largest auto and parts pre production, on-line and production line terminal assembly testing and validation technology and service exhibition in China, with more than 400 exhibitors and more than 14000 visitors.

Visitors will see the latest vehicle and component development tools, such as advanced driving aid system testing, NVH measurement tools, test bench, simulation package, durability test technology, collision test technology, dynamometer, emission measurement system and dynamic assessment tools, as well as a large number of test field and test facility service providers. In addition, the auto testing and quality monitoring Expo will also display the latest assembly testing and quality inspection technologies on and at the end of the production line.


Scope of exhibits

Quality control system products: measurement, measuring and testing instruments and equipment, analytical instrument products, optoelectronic products, material testing instruments and equipment

Quality control system products: program control system, intelligent quality control system, automatic system, quality control data processing, identification system, quality management system, environmental management system, endoscope products

Optoelectronic products: sensors, optical fiber technology test products, industrial image analysis and processing system, optoelectronic measurement system