Former NFL point guard namdi asomwa plays Broadway

Once considered the best corner guard in the NFL, nnamdi asomugha also made a great career after retiring.

The former Oakland raider, Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers played in the time limited Broadway show “soldier.”. The play won the Pulitzer Prize in 1982.

Asomwa, 38, made his first role as an actor in 2009, playing a parole officer in the TV series light of victory. After retiring from NFL in 2013, asomwa worked as an actor and producer. He recently referred to his current career as “team sports.”.

In soldier, ahsomwa’s role was played by Denzel Washington when the play premiered in 1981.

Asomwa was chosen by the Auckland Raiders in 2003. He became one of the hottest free agents after the 2011 lockout. He joined the eagle unexpectedly. But he was laid off after only two years for the eagles. Then he joined 49, but was cut in November of the first season.