How to print on leather

We don’t lack things made of leather in our life, such as leather bags, leather shoes and so on. Now there is a great demand for leather printing in the market. Many textile printing and dyeing industries are also in continuous progress, providing a lot of technical support for leather printing, including the heat transfer press.

Printing on leather requires machinery. These four machines are the most common.


1、 Leather flat printer. Leather is irregular, and the price of leather is very high, so there is a great demand for leather printing equipment. Now a lot of leather must be distributed with heat transfer machine equipment, as well as some auxiliary equipment.
2. Direct printing equipment. This is more popular. It is printed directly on leather. Its pattern changes quickly, applicability is wide, and it is very convenient. But because leather is not given to us, it will produce a lot of waste.
3. Heat transfer machine equipment. We all know that the heat transfer machine needs a kind of heat transfer paper to be able to transfer. Now many foreign countries are using film instead of paper. The heat transfer press is different from the general textile, its normal working pressure is very big, but the temperature requirement is not high. Leather printing requires a heat transfer machine.
4. Auxiliary equipment. This is for every leather printing factory.
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