How do you evaluate Jerry West and clipper management?

When Leonard announced that he had brought talent to the clippers, Paul George realized his dream of returning home at the same time. The 81 year old Jerry West was once again put on the altar when the clipper God unwittingly directed the astonishing plot and hit the stunning combination fist. The legendary superstar of the player era, after retiring as the management, has gone through three teams to build the two dynasties of Lakers and warriors. Will clippers be the next one?


About West’s life, the fans have long cherished it: in 1982, 42 year old West began to serve as general manager of the Lakers, and he has been in the helm for 18 years. After winning the best manager in 1994-95 season, he decisively sent star center Divac to the next year’s draft Conference for the 13th ranking Kobe Bryant. Meanwhile, he dug Super Center O’Neal from magic to create the only three consecutive titles after the bull Dynasty (Kobe Bryant has a great respect for West and has always regarded him as his father’s elder generation).

After 2000, west left the Lakers and joined the Grizzlies in 2002 because of a clash of ideas and personnel changes – that is, he created the OK team, but didn’t get the honor of being a manager. But west made his name again at Grizzlies: he built the poor and weak team into a 50 win western team, and in 2004, he was re elected general manager of the year at Grizzlies.