How to make the raw materials and production of heat transfer film?

The lettering films seen in the normal heat transfer market are all finished products. Today’s editor will analyze them to the end, starting from the raw materials and production of lettering films. The evaluation of a kind of thing must start from its raw materials, because the production of raw materials directly determines the quality of the finished products of lettering film, especially the high-quality glue and color powder can enhance the quality of lettering film products, and the good lettering film products can be created only when the materials in the early stage are ready. The adhesive layer and toner used in our lettering film are made of materials from world-famous enterprises, which can minimize the possibility of separation of the color layer and the adhesive layer, and also reduce overflow. Of course, in the production of lettering film, we should pay attention to coating machine, production process, quality detection system, etc., so that the quality of lettering film can be guaranteed. Then we need to talk about the characteristics of the lettering film. Take TPU elastic lettering film, a popular product on the market, for example. This lettering film has a soft hand, can be stretched and covered with high coverage. The key is easy to carve, cut and discharge. It is not deformed after high temperature pressing. At present, most of the lettering film products are mainly printed on bags, clothing and other textiles.


Finally, it should be said that if only to achieve the characteristics of lettering film is not enough, the reason is that heat transfer film products are mainly used in clothing, which needs to be close to the skin of the human body. So through the professional testing agency rigorous testing can better let customers rest assured! The products of our lettering film manufacturers have passed SGS inspection and Oeko-Tex test of textile environmental protection certification unit (heinstein, Germany), and they are confirmed to be safe and non-toxic.