Warriors win the championship

To sum up, in accordance with the principle of this game, the warriors should have lost to the Blazers without accident, and then smoothly continued to smile, warriors to the schedule. If you take ten games, then the schedule will be finished and the season will be finished. According to the principle, according to the general principle, it should be 17 years old who is about 20 wins or 18 inches and 20 inches or so within the amount of footimg (5)d. Well, this may be the lowest limit. No matter how bad it is. Go down, ha, this old face still needs to watch those teams in the East opposite to play. As long as I have the champion’s signature in the rule of 123 from the bottom, so according to the principle, this game should not be won. Ah, in the end, it has not adapted to it. Then, I believe that the warriors fans should also go to see it.


It’s not so bad here. I always think that the success of the warriors depends on the Blazers. Ah, no, brother Shuihua, but Er, I also make fun of me. I also have expectations for the warriors. There are computers now. I think I think that the champion’s signature is very good. What’s the major that you don’t want now? It’s no big accident if you can get this champion’s autograph successfully. Oh, this curry and Thomson, pay, I think it may be just a show. According to reason, curry is now spreading with good reputation. You can start training and start playing. Ah, in February or mid February or even March, you can come out and start fighting. But is there any significance? In March, April and may, there are more than 20 games before you can play. Is it meaningful to be able to play in the post-season games? I believe it is impossible. The western competition environment is so fierce.