The attendance rate of NBA will be controlled at 20% next season

New York time, May 16, according to U.S. media reports, NBA officials and owners not only discussed the possible situation of this season’s rematch, but also discussed the possible situation of next season. In the discussion, it is possible that the attendance rate of the new season stadium will be controlled at 15% to 20%.

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Time, it is reported that in this response to the epidemic, because the league office began to prepare for the epidemic a few weeks earlier than the White House, NBA owners and players, all trusted Adam Shaw, gave him 100% rights. In addition, NBA owners also discussed fans returning to the team next season at the board meeting.

If necessary, only 15% to 20% of the tickets will be sold. One team even started to study the need for fans to wear masks to restrict the entry of susceptible and basic patients. The stadium will reduce the risk of infection to the level close to influenza.

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