Rand’s gang is weak and weak

Can’t wait to see Durant play in Zhejiang. I’m sorry to interrupt this round of series games. Ah, cook is a player who really lacks his brain. Which pot can’t be mentioned? This round of series has nothing to do with Durant. We should reflect the value of our library, right? How can we say such words to the whole world. Everyone can see that you’re on the wrong side of Durant, right? You want River boys next year, do you want to stay in the swimming pool, ah, such a player? I’ll tell you that the warriors next year, curry has a high probability of getting rid of him. Go away. You don’t have to stay with me. The warriors have two factions now.



One faction, ah Curie Gang, one faction, right? Durant stands alone and stands in a few teams. Enough standing. Rand’s gang is weak and weak. It is very likely that the boat will capsize. Ah, so to speak, the intelligence quotient of players and the ball of players. Well, this program is here. I hope my favorite friends can subscribe to it. Of course, congratulations. The warriors are 2-0 ahead, and hope the warriors can sweep 4-1 4-0. Ah, the pioneers also hope that the pioneers can force out the strongest warriors. Look at the strength and strength. What, the strongest weapon

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