A simple comment on harden!

How to break down the program of the three points king of KULI history? Take a little time. Let’s talk about this ancient beast. My mother, Sal and Chamberlain, why do some netizens leave us a message? Of course, it’s just a question of Rafael’s questioning of Chamberlain Khan. I think we have to shoot a program to attack the netizens here. I really have to open it and avoid it. Mislead some of the audience and audience friends, bad ideas and bad influence to Baidu. It can be said that there are some materials on Baidu. It is not true that there are too many opinions. Is it true that there are too many opinions that affect a group of people.


So we have to say a fair word and open a fair and open channel to correct these mistakes. Well, one of Russell’s critics, Chamberlain, is a manifestation of trampling on different histories and ignorance. Recently, the entertainment industry has shown up. Some things, actor Zhao Lixin’s public, pro Japanese, so-called lovers, are what they say on the Internet. They all represent the views on the Internet, not my personal views. If you are interested, you can go and have a look at it. It’s about the Eight Power Allied forces, about Japan. Tsinghua didn’t take away the cultural relics of the Forbidden City after it occupied Beijing. Why? First of all, it emphasized that it didn’t take away or how much it didn’t take away. A lot of reasons why it’s a kind of comments from relatives. In recent days, it also deleted the previous comments, and publicly apologized, which wiped out the earth in front of the facts.

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