Kuri’s height and strength!

Of course, the position of position 3 and 4 is open-minded, which may be right, but it has the advantage of height. The position of No.1 is 111.91 meters above the position. Er, 1.91 meters in the league is more than 1 meters 911. As for the number of people of the same age in this position, you should not compare with the occasional Russell of the new generation of the current alliance, etc., and so on. You should not compare these with those of the same age. Around 1988, there were so many ah, ah, and strength. I remember correctly. A few years ago, sometimes this pair of underpants sometimes pushed how many pounds and how many kilograms, and ranked in the team. How many, how many, row very high? Um, poor strength? Poor strength? If you think that the power plug of the warriors curry makes you the most tired now, warriors fans should fight up and down first. Tell me this story first, this report is not true.


Although it’s not true, this kind of praise can’t be too much. The psychological quality of quality is the only standard that determines whether the final goal can escape, whether it can be shot or not, and whether it is willing to throw or not to press the whistle. The only standard is that the technical level has given up. The psychological level accounts for 70% or even higher. Why there is no such ball? As we have said before, I will not repeat it in this program. Another important reason is to give yourself time and give yourself time to reasonable answers. If you have to find out a reason, it’s also a reasonable standard. This kind of ball won’t appear in the Spurs of MAS team for so many years. Popovich’s game of more than 20 years can see the Spurs’ winning goal. There are only a few of them. Why is it impossible for us to leave absolute time and never get to the last goal. It’s impossible for us to give ourselves space for survival. This is called rationality. At most, we should say that it is reasonable to play the ball according to the wishes of the coach.

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