Mistakes cannot be turned back!

We’ve all guessed right. The end of the process is right. I said at the last minute. It’s OK to say that he’s a winner. Anyway, you think it’s OK to kill the Pacers and the Pacers. It’s also tenacious to kill the Pacers. It’s very tenacious, it’s very good. So, I think, ah, the two teams are still chicken. They can’t affect the overall situation. The eastern pattern is not in the Celtics or the Pacers. It’s on the side of the 76ers versus the Raptors and bucks.


All of us are company guests. They are rough. So we said in the last program that the two major scripts of NBA in the past ten years. One is that we are a 15 thunder and three young script. Well, some netizens must also say, ah, right? Use the indoor plus? Well, if you don’t add warriors, how can you tell me, right. The warriors’ script is in Durant’s script. First, we don’t take out the script alone, because Durant has destroyed the script of course. Well, we always say Durant is an excellent player, but to scrap the league is to make a good NBA. This, er, the league that can compete and balance has been lost. It’s very bad. I personally disapprove of it, but I also affirm Durant’s ability. Some people say that Durant’s three consecutive titles and three-year fmvp is what kind of historical position is. We have said before, and many times we have said that Durant fans may not stop, right or wrong, they will attack us and so on. Er, our, er, is based on the fact that we seek truth from facts, and evaluate them objectively and justly, so it will not be affected in any way

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