Some of the playoffs are for championship, some for faith, some for muddling along!

Explain the trailblazers. Our view of the Blazers is that Lillard is enough to be a person. He has star temperament. Then, pramley and McGonagall are behind him. It’s a mess of people. These people don’t have the charisma, especially CJ mclem. When we came out, we thought that the progress in the previous three years was too fast, very fast. I personally think it’s Lillard. We don’t have a good position in the pioneers. You need a young player who is so quick and fast to innovate. It can be said that it’s not much worse than that of lidar in those years. Even some honey is better than that.


It’s likely to be replaced, but, well, in terms of the changes in recent years, ah, Li Da is still the top player in the team. C and C rely on Michael, which is just like Lillard’s exclusion. You have to include bill wall, it’s the same, though. Two players ah, er, how to say? They have found out a lot of rumors that are not in line with each other. But you can see that one of the teams is, er, positive, that is, there is competition within the team. It can be said that it is on the rice surface to face the competition.

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