Kobe! Green Mamba!

So I think it’s clear to see, but it’s bad to see. Now, the warriors are muddleheaded and play the role of pig eating tiger. Anyway, if you want to hit me, I’ll let you fight, right? Then if I really use a little trick, I’ll use a little of this kind of nuclear weapons and lethal weapons. I’ll give you a try and you’ll be ruined. When you play in the playoffs, you can see that the warriors are powerful. Ah, you can directly say that the real guy is very strong. This sentence is right. Er, I personally think that if there is no magic trick, or if there is no protection from the goddess of luck, the West will be under the situation. Any team against the warriors won no more than 20%, which is very low, very low. Besides, the Laker team has nothing to say about the Celtics’ game today. James played for more than 20 minutes and won three pairs of high efficiency. I think that’s also the case in the later games.


The Lakers can’t get the tickets for the playoffs. The first three games, the first four games, the first five games, we said it’s hard, hard, hard, difficult, very difficult, right? Well, basically, this matter has been implemented. Ah, we can’t play the playoffs. We have to face the reality so hungry. If you don’t work hard with your opponent, you won’t seriously guard against James’s game. If the playing time is limited, you won’t try hard

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