Rockets are getting better! Back to the top!

There are still more than 20 games in the regular season. Now, we have said that the ranking of the western regions has been basically established. Ah, the top five teams in the West are basically in the top five. You can sit tight. There’s no big accident. Although the Rockets are two or three games ahead of the other teams, they are relatively stable. The fourth and the fifth are related to each other. I personally think that it’s almost in this position. It doesn’t matter whether the Rockets are fifth or sixth. That’s the sixth. There is no problem with the fifth or the seventh stop, so there is no problem with the fifth stop.


I think the Clippers should be more safe, and the Clippers are not easy. They have done so many transactions, and they are almost rotten. The impression for everyone is that they are gay. Guiyang was put to bad, it’s true that it is just like this. The game that should be won affects the game that shouldn’t be won, right? But it’s a pity that the Laker team doesn’t strive for success, right? If you can’t play well, don’t blame others, right? It’s not easy for rivers to sort out. Even the puppet coach, the chicken soup of the soul coach still seems to be very useful

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