No one or two in the Eastern Conference finals?

It’s said that the Rockets can’t, right? Now, the Rockets haven’t seen what it looks like. There are still 20 games left to integrate the whole team from now on. From now on, because of too many injuries, the Rockets have fallen into the first 50 games of the whole regular season. Commodity, in this kind of trouble, too many players are injured, ah, after that, mountain play, this sad ah, so the whole team, ah, there is no normal game environment to wait to see. I hope the Rockets can, ah, this in the back of the game, ah, the front. Loss, appeal, come back and talk about the Jazz team. Well, it’s almost impossible for the Jazz team to challenge the thunder team again this year. The only problem with this team is that there are too few stars. We say that in this era, you don’t have a big three or four, and you don’t have much competitiveness in the playoffs. All of today’s play is enough fork, ah, the whole team played enough, cure this Mitchell this hit rate, ah, the team is the worst, there is no worse than him ah, other players are playing very well, will be able to drag thunder to the back, then play double overtime, right, because other players play.

Almost, the situation, ah, the game has already lost



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