Which player record is the most difficult to break in 70 years NBA!

This thing, you have to go, calculate, you will calculate this arithmetic problem, right? So every year, what kind of competition happened? You played 70 games in a long time. You can play 80 games more and get less injury. When you play about 1.70 games, ah, er, when you are old, you may not play back-to-back, right? In fact, long brush seven assists, rebounds are 500 rebounds a year, 500 assists. Ah, 10000 rebounds will play for 20 years, which is called 20 years and 20 years, with more than 30000 points. Just over 8000 yuan, what is the concept of 20 years and 20 years? First of all, you have to play for 20 years or even more. Every game has to be played for 85 points. The average score of Jabbar should be about 25 points. In 82 games, we can’t play 75 games a year. Even if we score 2000 points, we can’t reach 20000 in ten years.


20 years, 20 years, 20 years, 20 years, 40 thousand, 20 years, 20 years to reach 40 thousand, full attendance, ah, 80 games, full attendance, ah, the panorama of 80 games, ah, 25 points can get 2000 points and 2000 mosquitoes. So, according to such an inference, it is no longer tenable. Ah, it has not passed on a lot of things. When the average field score is 20 points, ah, 80 layers of worry complete works, 1600 points, 10 years 16000 points, 20 years 32000 documents can reach 20 years. He is now 20 years old and starts to 1990. I think it’s hard to beat an athlete when he reaches the age of 40 by 2020, 2030 and 20307. Ah, it’s basically impossible. So James’s record can’t be surpassed. I saw it two days ago. His record can not be surpassed, including Curie’s 400 plus 3 points, Ah Wei Shao’s this, three records, hiccup, Thomson’s 14 single game, 14 three-point record, ah, and so on. He did not see the record of Jordan’s 10th scoring king, nor did he see Zhang Dashuai’s average of 50.

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