What is a good basketball player?

We think that I personally think these excellent basketball players are active in the process of change, there is no passive skills ah, forced no way, how to go, including Michael Jordan, Kobe. It’s the same thing. You have to think that she was flying around in the sky when she was young. When she was older, she couldn’t fight. She was forced to even shoot jump shots. So we can only say that IQ is worrying. Superstars, superstars, ah, these players are all active changes. Let’s give a very simple example. Is there any player on the court whose age is getting younger and younger? Can’t other athletes face the process of getting older? Yes, no, then why do some athletes change? Some athletes don’t change. This is the difference between excellent athletes and ordinary athletes.


He is active in seeking change. It needs to have a more efficient and more suitable feature of his current tigue victory and his current ability and technical play. It is a process of active change, where there are, what, passive, skills, etc., let’s give a very simple example. If Shaq O’Neill is put in, now, the league is to let him be 20 years younger. In the current league, No. 330, he still goes to low back to hit your inside center. He won’t be forced by you to throw three points outside. Believe it or not, he can kill you with two points. His career is on the sixth floor. Career, six hit rate, in that era, when centers were rampant, ah, that era, if you want to compete, four centers, five centers, you first have to have a meat shield

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