The deal is over!

Today’s game, the rockets against thunder, the team ah is very good-looking, we are ready to have a look, then we know that now the rocket team, ah, this strong and strong population ah. After Porter arrived, I don’t know whether it will play or not, whether it is possible to play first. Ah, some netizens asked us whether this set of lineup is OK or not, whether shangbutou is regarded as successful recruitment, and how to calculate the integration into the team, eh. To all of you, we have predicted so many things, right? So many things have been predicted, right? The content is right. Basically, it’s all eight to nine. It’s obvious to all. Right? It’s very rare to say that it’s almost all, all, to so many netizens, that’s to say, it’s a little bit floating with us.

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It’s a little bit floating. Hum, er, we say so, and we’ve been floating all the time for so many years. We’ve been floating, floating, er, joking, including the forecast, analysis and summary of the previous transaction. Sharing, all of them are inseparable. Well, the only thing that has a little bit of deviation, we have to admit, dare to take responsibility, ah, is Xiaojia’s side of the matter, as we said before, ah Xiaojia’s most can only change some garbage contracts, ah, it’s very difficult for grizzly bear to get a good one. This, this, the transaction, this kind of return, ah, then a netizen said, ah, these bad temper ah, you are not wrong ah, write down is really a pile of junk contract, right, er, network, xiunas in the Raptors is a substitute replacement, ah, the Grizzlies. Six core

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