Durant basically has this contract

The accurate information can be expressed from the enterprise. Then green had some small conflicts with Durant in the middle of the season. For example, Durant didn’t renew his contract with Warriors this summer. This summer, Durant didn’t renew a long contract last summer, which made it possible that Durant would sign a top salary one point higher than last year’s top. We know last year, Durant was not enough. Ah, zaoniao, all right. Durant basically has this contract after finishing this year.

Then go to the specific, ah, how to calculate? I’m not sure about it personally, because, er, the labor agreement of the union is very complicated. I’m more complicated than you are. Ah, anyway, in a word, this year, the sky must be bigger than last year’s contract. It’s going to be so simple, right? So green’s has always been very sensitive.


In other words, Durant asked for money. In fact, Durant did not evade these things in the program, during the interview, and later in the interview. He also gave a more positive answer, that is, I want to play basketball and I want to earn money. One of the purposes is, I also want to make more money, right? The next contract, he won’t cut interest rates by a big margin. Now Durant’s contract, salary cut, is very serious. You know Durant’s current ability and Durant’s current age, ability and so on are he. If the contract is 40 million yuan, you don’t have to think about it. It’s very simple. Ah, the contract of 40 million yuan is worth 80 million yuan, which is the same as curry James. Last summer, last summer, or the summer before last, curry signed the contract of 40 million yuan.

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