Four first round signings?

A few young players, add a first round, first add two first round signings can be no problem, the Lakers can do trade, Hart, one can change, leave a pants, ah, ham with six bags, cyst case also OK. The probability of the cowboy group is relatively low, because the Lakers don’t want to give time. As we said, wolf is a late bloomer. He may have to play very late. He has reached the age of 25 or above before he can play his own value. After all, he is the number one player. No.1, so we have very high demands on him. Er, you can only expect these players, right? You can expect a 30-year-old planet. Well, it’s a bit too much. You get such a high salary, right.


The Lakers, perhaps, are unwilling to do business because of the reasons in this respect. The museum and the retention team are not willing to give it. Left, opportunity. Other teams are just interested in it, right? For example, the Suns have said to us that the Suns, the wolves, are very simple. A pure organizational, guard and team brain can cooperate. Then the Suns are willing to send out some first round signings or almost all of their properties. Then, this transaction is just a three-party negotiation. We have already said this before, and we have predicted this before all media reports

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