Embid’s first center? I don’t accept it!

The game between the rockets and the Nuggets has been finished. Ah, sorry to lose. It’s too late to make a decision. Er, today’s harden’s performance is OK, I can only say it’s OK, no, crazy shooting rate is not super high. Under the circumstances, the shooting rate of more than four layers, ah, the shooting rate of 24-23 is almost the same. It can only be said that it is flat and light, there is no bright performance, 21 heads. I can’t move. I’m going to fight for an average of 36 points for 30 shots in each game. You can see how tired I am. I’m really tired. Then, Mr. Yu, you can’t miss one assists by one 31 points, 13 boards and nine assists. What I see is right. We said it in the morning when we just started the game.


Professor Yu and Mr. Yue ran to triple pairs. Ah, sorry, triple Gemini, triple double, that is to say, this set of lineup is useless for you to split up. Well, if you want to go to that useless one, those that are going to be smashed don’t need to say more, of course. It should be, the trend of Capello, but if Kapila comes, I think it is more difficult to limit the words of Professor Yu to the player. He doesn’t mean that you can limit his technical center with a certain tactics. It is the most difficult to deal with the most difficult one is the technical center, what is technical. The technical type, the inside line is all these 18 kinds of martial arts. You can only do it no matter how limited to every point

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