Dear friends, welcome to my article. The reality is like this, you will always remember the strongest, remember the final winner, no matter how hard your process, but you did not win the final victory, everything can only be failure.


During the rookie season of alphabet brother, he never got a visa from the United States. Every time he paid his salary, he would go to the bank to remit money. Once, his parents took a taxi to the bank to remit money. After that, he found that he had not enough money to take a taxi back. There was a race on that day, so he decided to run.


Fortunately, after he ran a mile, a couple stopped him and asked if he was the stag’s star. He nodded and said yes, so the couple took her to Xiong Yue’s stadium.


Team mate Sanders Fenglou pastoral life is very economical, reluctant to change shoes, a pair of shoes wear out only change, de si is really can not see down, gave her a pair of Gucci very grateful, only in the press conference to wear that pair of shoes, I like this simple young man very much.


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