Celtic’s season may be over

The Celtic season may end like this. In fact, Angie is adamant not to forget this season, but after losing Owen Smart’s lines, the heat may all aim at a position that can’t go. The girls may fall down with dignity. However, this season, winning the championship, and looking back on Owen’s old club Cleveland, it seems that the haze has been swept away recently.


Shamont house is the first to reverse the wizard. Everyone was expecting and expecting. The boss may have to wait another year for Owen. Life is really mixed. Oh, ask about the weather, but now it’s because of commodities. Before the start of the game, the season was reimbursed. Looking at the old team-mates of his old club, he made great progress again and launched an attack on the championship again. What would he think? Of course, it was never smooth sailing when he came out.


It’s impossible for Gauguin Owen. In fact, they are suffering from aging. They are too old and great. These problems were exposed in an instant, just half a year ago. We have to deal with the role of the rebels who are going to get rid of the throne. We have to rush forward with vigor and vitality. Let’s move forward the time. Last year’s complicated and crisscross summer.


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