Stephen curry and his team don’t

So as we can see, Stephen curry and his team don’t, really in the long run, don’t know what you have to go through in order to achieve production goals, don’t remember what he said.


Of course, it doesn’t mean that she regretted their last season’s journey, but curry is very satisfied with the position of the team this season, using wet cloth, no longer need to take the risk of injury in order to break the conventional record. They are now, they are, now they are making the right lunch rest pillow.


The playoffs are coming. As players, our idea at that time was to let us hit the record. There might be no chance to break the record next time, but now it’s more important for what is more important in the regular season.


Thinking that we had made the best preparation in the last three months, we had a different view. The keynote of last season was to win in the regular season. Maybe we had some bad habits at that time and some problems that hurt the team, but as long as we win the game, we will forget them.


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