Give Parker a chance to lose his subconsciousness again

Looking at the alertness of this park, he also believed his eyes, but he was not responsible. Popovich compromised. After watching Presti’s cut, Popovich finally decided to give Parker another chance to lose his subconsciousness again.


The same thing quickly ended. The difference is that Popovich will be short of zinc. Park is really a good material. I remember the second time. What’s wrong? I left for the second time. I practiced for five minutes. I didn’t pull everyone aside and said that this guy played ten games in rookie season.


We can start for us. Before the June snow draft, he has attracted more and more people’s attention. However, the Spurs have to hope that other teams will not rush ahead. After all, they only have the draft right of grenades in their hands.


The NBA’s attitude toward Parker is divided into two groups: one group insists that Europe can’t produce NBA top point guards; the other is interested in Parker’s comprehensive ability. Many people think that a European point guard can’t play in the NBA, but I’m 50-50.


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