At that time, it was natural that five stars were full marks

I don’t know much about it, let alone be interested in it. Lillard’s score was nothing but conscience in that year’s high school student recruitment rating list. At that time, the full score of five stars was natural, and there was no famous school.


He was willing to extend an olive branch for Lillard. Fortunately, Randy lah, the great manager of Weber and Weber, was very optimistic about this young man. With the appreciation of coach Randy, he decided to go away.


For example, he joined the NBA minor league Weibo State University. When he received Lillard as Randy’s smiling face, he was also filled with emotion. A lot of radar detection forces were outside the radar radar detection range. My team was not very famous because it was in Beijing.


However, out of Northern California, there are still three or four teams that are more famous, which attract more excellent players. Through the careful cultivation of coach Randy’s coach, Lillard scored an average of 11.5 points per game in his freshman year, and was selected.


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