Why does the buck accept the letter brother

Kosta also has personality and his girlfriend is special. He likes the Lakers, but there are various restrictions. Unless Hu Runda doesn’t reach the finals this year, he can’t go to the eye. It is not suitable for you to reach the text when you give me. You can feel like you are attracted. After all, you are not.


So strong? Because you are not good to say, how to see how the parents weigh, good evening, help you, award, thank you for your propaganda, so this letter song or this matter? I was expected to let the warriors eat a Thomson that time.


I analyzed, it is unreasonable. After all, how can Thomson shoot, how can this go? If you look at the whole system, I hate this imbalance. But at present, if there is such a scheme, why this Bucks will accept it because if the letter song has not moved this year, he will surely go away from this one she would like to go.


If the screen is broken, you have to go to the whole league. A group of educational objects must find the most suitable one. If there is no one, for example, any one can continue to her, you can only go to the warrior, but do you have to see this situation? Well, if someone else gives him a better possibility, the flower can only call me to remember it there.


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