And then Durant’s departure

On the way, Durant’s departure followed. Curie’s clothes were 50% off. Curry’s palm was broken. When the outline came back, the League began to stop. What did the suspension cause? Warriors need to know that the team spent billions of dollars two years ago.


In San Francisco, the bay area has just built a brand-new stadium opening center. The stadium has just been put into use for a year, and now it is basically abandoned. Because of the epidemic situation, G can’t play games or perform, which is a huge asset for the team.


Waste, then when the whole team, ah, this injury has come back to prepare for the next season and hope to return to the championship line again, Cray once again encountered the cruciate ligament that affected his career. We think that in modern times.


It should be possible to recover under medical conditions, but in the case of another leg, Achilles tendon torn again, missing NBA games for two consecutive years, which is really a big blow to clay’s career. Really, when I heard this news, my heart was broken, and I felt that this gorgeous warrior was coming to an end.


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