Any exchange of the most expensive assets weishao and wall

American media, other balls are either the first or the second. If the Hornets say that they can pick up treasure in the third place and pick up the ball ground, I won’t kiss it. As a result, they really found the ball, and the deal of the tail beast will be closed. Then the other two teams are very different. One of them is the Washington Wizards. It seems that there is news about the wizards and rockets before.


Any exchange of the most expensive assets, the most expensive assets of weishao and wall, the transaction may still be under negotiation. Another is that the New York Knicks, which has been frequently used in the past two days, fired Gibson one after another today.


Ellington little Peyton also announced that he would not renew his contract. The team’s power forward, Boris, felt that he was giving Williams less salary space. Although we often have the problem of efficiency in Blackwell, we have witnessed it before he was the first holder of the team in thunder.


He can play this historical data. If he gets to the New York Knicks, the big ball can surround it and let him play his best. I think we can rank the top ten point guards. No, Wei Shao must be in the top ten.


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