Ross of 11 years can be said to be the player with a rookie contract

In fact, when he was in the bulls, I was very impressed by the fact that the bulls had some surprises every year. First of all, Ross of 11 years can be said to be the player with rookie cooperation.


I want the youngest MVP in the league. Then there is Jimmy Butler in the back. After he was born, for example, talking about Gibson, for example, Noah has played such a level of the best lineup in the league. In fact, the bulls have dug out a lot under the former rolle Dunn’s training in sibodu.


Basically, they are young people who have reached the All-Star level or even higher. Players, do you think that the bulls in those years are a little bit like the heat this year. Do you have a chance to Butler? It is because not only Jimmy Butler, but also many players have limited talent, but they all rely on the efforts of the day after tomorrow and their own tenacity.


I don’t know whether to be based in the league, which is really interesting, but the Knicks can’t find the shadow of those two teams. If sibodu can make this Knicks player even a little bit like those two teams next season, I think they are all successful people.


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