The happiest youth in NBA history, none of them




The protagonist of this article was born in Los Angeles. He was born in Los Angeles and spent his childhood in California.

But his parents were not local – his father had been an actor and made three films before – also boxed, won the Wisconsin Golden Gloves award, got the fists of the great Muhammad Ali and liked to wear big gold chains.

His mother, who used to be Miss Black of the year in Wisconsin, was a model. Her temper was like this: when Kobe Bryant was in dispute, the aunt happened to meet Kobe Bryant, she went to hug him and said:

“Children, many people speak ill of you, but I support you! You are a good man! ”

Growing up in such a family, the protagonist’s character is not hard to imagine. According to his father, he loved to cry when he was a child and laughed when he didn’t cry, so he used to “smile to avoid crying”, but he couldn’t remember.

The year he started playing basketball, Kobe came to Los Angeles. From then on, he became a Kobe fan.

He laughs and plays basketball, which is full of fun. When he graduated from high school, he averaged 27 points and 11 rebounds, and was considered the seventh genius in the United States.

He played in Southern California for three years, and in the third grade he got this assessment from Scouts: