As a sharpshooter, why can Thompson, who is not good at holding the ball, score 20 + points per game?

The fundamental problem is the gap in strength. Although clay’s funny dribble mistakes can produce a collection, his ability to hold the ball is still one level higher than the other two. At least in almost every game, he has a breakthrough with the ball and a mid-range shot with the ball. In terms of offensive means, he is richer than the other two.



The second is the issue of yield and capacity. High efficiency does not mean high yield, and high yield does not necessarily mean high efficiency. Cornwall and JJ can’t support high production and efficiency for a long time at all. In other words, there are many substitutes with a shooting rate of more than 50% in the NBA. Can they be better than All-Star players with a shooting rate of 40% if they make 20 shots per game? No, they don’t have the ability to digest so many ball rights at all. Their attacking characteristics determine that they are only suitable for shooting under certain circumstances. Can Koval and JJ shoot more than 20 three points in one game, and can they have so many open three-point opportunities to receive the ball. Even if you let him and clay play for 30 minutes and only shoot three points, clay’s score is still higher than them, because clay has no demand Running position and three-point technique are stronger. His attack means are enough to support high shots. His attack means and abilities in all positions of the court are richer and more efficient than those of the two men, which makes clay high shot and still maintain high efficiency.


The gap in defence means clay has more playing time. Kovar and JJ will be treated as weak point attack by the other side on the court, and the contribution of attack may not be equal to the loss of points on the defensive end. And clay is a famous outside defender, even if the hand feel is poor, the coach will send him on, let him play a role in the defensive end. This allows clay to have a higher value to win the playing time, thus bringing more attacking opportunities. Finally, it is the warrior system. After all, air cutting and three points play a very high role in the warrior’s tactics, and clay is the strong of both. Warriors have green curry to pass to clay, warriors have more strength to attract fire to create opportunities for clay, warriors will design more tactics for clay to get better mobile will, warriors have more fault tolerance rate to let clay keep casting. And JJ and Cornwall can only wait for teammates to deliver a good ball..