NFL off season, top 10 events you can’t miss

We are only a few days away from the official league season in 2020, and this is the strangest off-season since the NFL, perhaps in history. Although some key questions have been answered (such as Tom Brady, who has now joined the Tampa Bay Pirates), there are still many things to be solved between now and the opening of the 101st season of the NFL. Here are the top 10 NFL stories from now to week 1…


1) How will off-season be affected by coronavirus?

Obviously, the novel coronavirus pandemic is the biggest news in the world. We can see that canceling sports events is one of the many problems that harm people’s economic interests. From staff to venues to athletes themselves, we can not ignore its influence on sports. According to the length of social distance recommended by experts, the isolation of this period is easy to affect the off-season plan. If teams are forced to cancel or postpone small events and training camps, see what happens. Many have speculated that the new manager may be at a disadvantage, while the team that maintains continuity in key positions may have an advantage. Closing teams and public training facilities will also affect players’ performance, and we may see a summit to cancel the sharing of ideas between players or coaches of different football levels.

2) What if the stadiums in Los Angeles and Las Vegas can’t be completed on time?

This matter deserves more attention. In Los Angeles, things may be better because ram and lightning have played in the local stadium for the past three years. How easy is it to keep your old home? Maybe it requires some quarrels at the negotiation table, some adjustment of schedule, some self-esteem and compromise, but people will think that it is not impossible to solve the details.