How to evaluate NBA star Damian Lillard?

Lillard: “if I can’t bring the championship to my current city, I would rather have no Championship for life!”

In the summer of 1997, the heat wave swept Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA. the whole street was very quiet and no pedestrians were seen.

Under a big tree, a 7-year-old boy was pounding the I branch with a stone. He was sweating and playing happily until his mother came and dragged him away.


— days later, the little boy went back to the tree. This time, he had a basketball in his hand. He raised the basketball with his thin fingers and threw it into the space circled by the branches – again – again, until the sun set. .

On April 24, 2019, Portland Moda Center arena, playoff G5, the Blazers vs. thunder, the two sides tied at 115:115 at the last moment, the Blazers have the ball right.

Lillard is playing the ball far away from the three-point line. Paul George is closely following him in a big step. He thinks the distance is very safe. If Lillard is shooting forward, he will be able to interfere with this shot. With 3.5 seconds to go, Lillard was still dribbling in his 37 foot cross. 2.7 seconds later, he still didn’t move forward, but he suddenly took another step, right step.

Paul George’s reaction was quick. He realized that Lillard wanted to do a crazy thing. When the two teams were divided equally and only had one-time mobile conference, the boy wanted to score a super far three points. He rushed forward recklessly to take off the cover, but Lillard was faster, the ball flew up without any interference, and then there was a clear hollow net entry.